Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fairies in the garden(or at least in the house.)

This morning I had the wonderful pleasure of waking up  next  to my  nearly 3 year old grand daughter Holly.Her grandfather was away at work,So   she spent the night with me as her mum had a catch up with some old school friends and Dad had to work. So they made the 3 hour trip up to our place  from down south.
We went shopping yesterday for some beautiful new hair clips and some very important fairy wings, without which the world would just never be the same.
We seem to have a pink theme at the moment,as she seems to be turning into a real girly girl in comparison to the little tom boy that we have seen so far.
We had a lovely day, reading books and running around the house waving our  magical fairy wand doing all sorts of  "fairy Things".

We have had about 10 days of rain here on the coast and  Holly is getting harder and harder to entertain , to quote my daughter "she is getting cabin fever" and is just hanging out for some fine weather and the all clear to play out in the garden again.(You can only watch the Wiggles videos so many times) !
This afternoon we decided to make pink cup cakes and  let holly be in charge of the decorations. I think she was very pleased with the results,even though we did need a lovely  warm bath afterwards to remove all the excess icing and sprinkles.

We packed up a dozen lovely pink cakes into a container  for the return trip home to Daddy, and my daughter sent me this photo below  very soon after she left my place...someone was asleep !!!
She must of had a big weekend. Arn't they just so precious.
So a weary goodnight to all from this sleepy Grandmother,

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