Thursday, 13 June 2013

The best time of day.

To  myself and my husband the best time of day is sunrise and sunset. From the front verandah of our house( and from my bedroom window) we see the most amazing sunrises. The colour can sometimes be just so stunning. Mother nature sure is a wonder. We down tools and spend many,many afternoons out on the front verandah, either alone,with family  or with our neighbours, having drinks and nibbles or tea and coffee and just chatting away for hours. The other side of the house gets the beautiful sunsets, and can be equally as beautiful.
Below are a range of pics i took just one morning over a period of about 15 minutes.(I did warn you all photography is also an addiction of mine)
It never ceases to inspire me to get up and get moving. The above are all sunrises, and the sunsets are just as beautiful.
We don't give nature enough credit.
Take care everyone,until next time,

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