Monday, 17 June 2013

Precious grand children.

On Friday I made the trip out west to visit my oldest daughter and son in law and  my youngest grand daughter Claudia.
They live about 6 hours drive from us and we had met her when she was born  6 weeks ago but  I went back for another catch up, as they grow so fast.
She is very sweet, such a precious little bundle.
We had a lovely visit, lot's of cuddles and walks and just getting to know one another. Hopefully they will be visiting us down here in a few weeks , so we will continue to form that special relationship that grandparents and their grand children have.
Our other grand daughter  belongs to our youngest daughter and her husband. She is the beautiful ,gorgeous Holly.
Such a wonderful little cherub. Always laughing, and playing and chattering away and singing songs, such a treasure. .She is nearly 3 years old ,and so grown up.
I cannot express how much i love these two little munchkins, they fill my heart to bursting. They are just so special to us., as I'm sure will be any more that  come our way.
I returned home today looking forward to our next catch up.
My best wishes to all those grand parents out there, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

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