Sunday, 9 June 2013

It's a dogs life!

Nearly every trip that we have made to the farm we have in tow at least one furry friend and often two, when our daughters' dog Doug needs a little farm holiday.
So in the station wagon we pile, and they know !!! They are always so excited to get there  as they are aware of what a fun dog place the farm is and all the racing around like crazy that they can do.
We own the Australian Blue Cattle Dog, her name is Tilly, she is nearly 10 years old now and a real treasure.She is now full of arthritis and really starting to slow down. We have even treated her to a real luxury of a doggy electric blanket for her bed in the laundry where she sleeps.
BUT !!! When we are at the farm, especially in the winter, she knows that we allow them to bring their beds inside where the fire is to sleep.Such spoilt babies.
The Other ruined four legged mate is Doug the Australian Kelpie, belongs to our daughter who got him by default and  is so part of the family.
These two have such a wonderful life, going for big walks, helping  the man of the house with sheep work and racing aroung crazy chasing rabbits and balls and every other thing that moves.
We have a grey water pit into which our kitchen,laundry and bathroom water runs into ,and one day we were pumping it out(after having removed the manhole cover on top, turned our backs and Doug had fallen in,He was after his ball which  had gone in and  he went in after it.Such a panic.He was rescued ,safe and sound.
I know we spoil them, but their life is only very limited so why not give them the best time we can, well that's my  thoughts anyway.

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