Thursday, 6 June 2013

Welcome to "Our Aussie off Grid Heaven"- My first ever Blog !!!

My name is Jane and this is a total first for me. I am a blog novice and have no idea what I am doing so will just muddle along.
My husband   and I  currently live in Newcastle NSW Australia (which is on the east coast) but will be retiring soon to our little property that we purchased about 10 years ago with the idea of retiring there.It is near the small country town of Coonabarabran  in central west NSW.
It is a 25 acre property with an totally off grid home on it, we have been slowly doing work over the last 10 years to get it a little more comfortable and economical to live in.
We have set up the off grid solar,added a evacuated tube solar hot water service and starting to set up gardens,fruit trees ect.There has been lots of fencing and repairs also.
We love to grow our own vegies, already have a small flock of Dorper sheep and I am a mad canner.I love the convienence of ready made meals in jars and  having various meats on hand to just whip up quick meals.(I am lazy by nature)
I will put up some photos of the farm and canning along the way(when I work out how to) which will probably bore everyone to bits but I just want to share our story.Some photos will be brand new, and some will be ones I have taken as we have progressed over the last 10 years. I will update after each time  we get out west and the others will be when I am reminissing while stuck here on the coast.
We will eventually have chooks,and other poultry, but until we live there full time it isn't possible.
Hopefully I can work this out and get to meet a whole new lot of like minded friends,
Jane from Aus.


  1. Wow, sounds like you are living my dream. I am a 50 something in Texas and also love canning. I will be following your blogs.

  2. Hi DK,
    Thanks for reading and hope to see you again