Friday, 7 June 2013

Pride (and a little gluttony) !..

Today I was very proud of my husband.
We travelled down to Sydney so that he could be presented with his 40(yes 40) years long service award with his work.
We had a lovely day, met in Sydney(as he has been working away this fortnight) and went to a lovely hotel  where the presentation was to take place.
He was presented the award by The Minister for Transport and the CEO of the company he works for.
After a few short speeches we were all then treated to a wonderful afternoon tea,which was really  delicious  if I say so myself.
We then left and unfortunately went ourdifferent directions , he back to work and me on the train home. All in all a wonderful day.Up above  are a few pics,The presentation,the Hotel where it was held and the afternoon tea.

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