Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Our first time canning corn.

 We try to grow vegetables at both the Newcastle  place and  up the bush, but things  seem to do so much better here on the coast with the higher rainfall and we arn't up the bush enough to keep the extra water required up to everything. We have a few timers set  that we run off 1000 litre tanks on a few things that we really need to keep alive. Back in February we picked our corn cobs from our garden in Newcastle and ended up getting roughly 100 cobs.
I then  cut some up to make smaller cobs and froze those,to use here in Newcastle as we needed them (I have a nearly 3 year old grand daughter who just has to have a corn cob every meal.)So I need to have lots. The rest of the cobs I then stripped the kernels off and froze until we went up the bush next time (That's were I keep the pressure canner)So then, on our next trip up, out came the canner and I got busy, I canned the niblets into half pints as that's just a convenient size for the two of us, and that seems to have worked out well.Also in the photo was some other canning I did that day, some  Bullhorn peppers,Dilled carrot sticks(which were really lovely for nibblies with drinks on the verandah) and also a few half pints of 3 fruit marmalade that hadn't sealed from some earlier canning.

I definately would recommend growing and canning corn, it has already been excellent value to us.
Sorry if these photos  arn't in order as I just can't seem to work out how to manually change them,
Cheers everyone,

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