Monday, 10 June 2013

Preserving....Australian Fowlers Vacola method.

I like my Mum before me  for many,.many years  had  bottled or preserved fruit  in our good old faithful "Fowlers Vacola " preserver.
It uses a rubber ring  and then a preferably stainless steel lid with two clips to hold the lid down during processing. The old water bathing method even allowed for vegetables, meats ect by doing a double process method.
As new information came to light this practice was  abolished and only fruit ,jams, jellies,sauces,relishes.and pickled  ingreients were allowed to be waterbathed.
Originally we used a Fowlers stove top waterbath, and my mum passed on her Electric preserver...this was heaven (or so it seemed at the time)
The Fowlers Vacola bottles come in many various sizes, either having a 2 ,3 or 4 inch mouth. They are varying  heights and volumes, and like the  older mason jars, we still find a few special blue ones around.
I was washing this lot up to transport to the farm ready for the stone fruit season.
This is my faithful old Fowlers Vacola electric preserver, would be close on 40 years old now.
We have recently purchased a new  Electric water bath , as we felt the thermostat on the older one may no longer be as accurate as it should be,. I still do most of my fruit ect by this tried and true method.

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