Thursday, 6 June 2013

Getting into hot water

Our hot water was originally supplied via an old tank on the roof that was then piped through the top of the firebox in our kichen wood stove which heated it up. Not the greatest method for our hot Aussie summers, so we invested in a gravity fed evacuated tube solar hot water service. This system is brilliant. It has a 300 litre tank   and we have RARELY ran out of hot water  in the last few years. We have also backed this system up  with the old pipes through the stove trick just in case. We will soon be removing our old wood stove from it's current location to put a new dual cooker/heater into a different spot. Ready for when this occurs we have  set up an instant tankless gas hot water service for emergencies,which will service the kitchen sink and bathroom.Also below is a photo of  our old wood stove with the pipes running in and out of the firebox to heat the water.

This all seems to work well and we are pleased with the progress that we are slowly making. Hot water at hand is a wonderful luxury to have and you don't realise how important is is to you unless you haven't got it.

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