Tuesday, 2 July 2013

This Granny made play dough today.!

This coming weekend  I will have both my daughters home for a visit, we will have a nine week old and a nearly three year old. I decided this morning that I may need a few extra diversions to keep the older one entertained so that she doesn't feel a little envious when we goo and gah over the new little one.
I haven't made play dough for about 30 years, not since my children were little themselves.
So I thought I would make it in steps and add photos to keep for future reference for me or anyone else who may be interested.
So first i put one cup of plain flour into a saucepan,
Then I added 1/4 cup of table salt(I used the non-iodised variety just in case of allergies),
Next was 2 tablespoons of Cream of Tartar,
Give everything a light mix to combine and then add the wet ingredients,
Firstly 2 tablespoons of canola/vegetable or olive oil,
Then add 1 cup of warm water,
With a wooden spoon stir all to a smooth consistency
Next add the colouring of your choice.(I chose Queens natural colour extracts) and I used half of the 28 ml small bottle( so about 14 mls)
Stir until colour is well combined and place saucepan over medium heat  and stir continually  for a few minutes,
After a few minutes the mix will start to "ball". Keep it moving around in the pan a few more minutes to cook a little more.
After this, tip it out onto a board or something flat, allow to cool for a short while .
When able to be handled, knead the dough for a couple of minutes, to smooth out any lumps in the dough.

Place kneaded  dough in a zip lock bag and store in the refrigerator,It should keep  for several months.
Repeat process a few more times until you have the right  amount of different  coloured dough you need. I made  the 4 colours that came in the Queens colour box. I was very happy with the results.

So now I have  this great little mix of dough all ready and waiting for my little grand daughter or any other little visitors that come to play, I think it will be well used.
So ,until next time,

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