Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Family gatherings,Aussie bush style.

My husbands large family likes to gather together, and as he was originally one of 11 and now one of 10 surviving siblings the numbers are quickly growing over the years. We tend to use any excuse that we can to get them  together,especially significant  birthdays and celebrations.
Last year at the end of September was one of those times, one brother was reaching his 60th milestone and another his 50th, so we combined the two celebrations and got together next door(where the 60 year old lives) and overflowed to our place.
We were lucky a neighbour  raised a few pigs and we were able to select a a nice one to go onto the spit.

My husband and his brother butchered the pig and we hung it in a cool room for a couple of days before the party.They also did a  lamb to put on a    spit   another day over the weekend and a second lamb just all cut up  into chops to use on the barbeque for the weekend, as we had quite a crowd to feed..They had also  put about 8 chickens on the spit  the day before and chilled them..

The roast pork was superb,and along with hot vegies and salads and beautiful desserts it was a wonderful feast.One of  my husbands brothers prides himself as the best "pig on the spit" cook.
There was not a single piece of pork left, all the bones and the head were even stripped that night.
There is just something extra special about a spit roast.
We got a group photo, late in the afternoon but many more arrived later as darkness fell.
The photo above is my husband and his brothers and sisters. It's rare these days to get all 10 together let alone get a photograph of them together. This is them ranging  from left(youngest) to Right (oldest) Rough looking bunch(lol) but mostly they are all good mates and have a great time when they are together. I think the family did it fairly hard in their early years( and what big family didn't  in the 40's,50's and 60's), Their parents would have been very proud of all of them. All hard working, decent  good family people.
So a wonderful weekend was had by all, took us all the next week to recover from all the preparations,celebrations and clean ups. We were exhausted.
The following week as we were leaving to return to the coast, just not far from our house (about a kilometre) we saw this little fur ball crossing the road and climb up into a nearby tree. We stopped to have a look and see what we found. A beautiful koala. We have  often have heard their growling  mating noises in the night in the distance from our house  but have never came across one so close to home.So i thought I would share it with you.

We thought it was beautiful. I had grown up in that area and when I asked my mum, she said she had never seen one around there in roughly 50 years, so we were honoured.
So back in the car and back to the rat race...
So until we meet again,
Stay safe,
Jane from Aus.

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