Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Out and About and Back Home Again.

Once again we have had a few busy weeks, and I am only now getting the time to catch up on the blog.
We were invited  to our great nieces wedding, which was to be held in the garden  at  the home of   friend  of theirs . as it was located several kilometres out of town and  drinks and nibbles were going to be served out there while the bride and groom had their photographs taken, they hired a courtesy bus to take  the guests to and from the wedding ceremony to the reception.. We were all surprised to see it was the double decker red party bus.
My elderly mother insisted on traveling on the bus with us and although it was a major struggle getting her and her  assistance walker  on board  the bus and off again, it was so worth the effort as  she had the most  wonderful time.
The garden the wedding  was held in was beautiful, especially considering that  this last year has been in severe  drought. I was told that the bride and groom had spent months carting water to the property  to keep everything alive .
The  ceremony area was set up beautifully,
The grooms mother is a florist and the displays of native flowers in the  arrangements for decoration and the bridal party  bouquets  were stunning The reception was held at a club back in town and  the auditorium  was decorated exquisitely ,
Those gorgeous flowers  were just overwhelming, I have never seen such  gorgeous native  arrangements  as they had there,

The  wedding cake  was simple and  stunning, it was used as dessert.
It  was a gorgeous wedding, and  we were honoured to be invited,  our cute  little  red headed niece   has grown up to be a beautiful   young woman and made a truly gorgeous bride.
We returned home for a few days  and caught up on a few things, Brian added a new power inverter to our caravan so that  I  can successfully  run n my CPAP machine throughout  the night when we are not on powered sites and are dependent on our battery supply.
It's  really great as it gives me two extra power points  plus two extra  USB charge points.
We headed off again!,
This time destination Trundle ABBA Festival.
We were the first of our group to arrive and selected a good campsite, which for the first  few hours we felt quite alone,
The rest of crew arrived  and we circled the vans like covered wagons, the reason being to try to block some of the persistent  strong winds that felt like they were reaching gale force.
The racecourse camping filled up quickly,
It was cold ,so we lit  a fire in our new fire bin, an ex beer keg that has been modified for the purpose, It was lovely and warm, and we were glad that we had taken a supply of wood with us.
The next morning we got ourselves ready to head down the street for the day's festivities.
Brian's sister and her partner  got in the spirit,
As did our great nieces,
We were ready to head off !!!
The was a display of over 100  vintage cars down in the main street,

Brian and  the other men loved looking at all the beautiful old cars.
There were many  people dressed  for the  festival, true Abba devotees,
We moved over to the oval later in the afternoon ready for the highlight of Bjorn Again performing, and  the next photos are from there.

We had a wonderful night at the concert. Bjorn Again are just amazing performers, you can close your eyes and you would swear you are listening to ABBA.
We had a wonderful weekend, Trundle volunteers  do  a truly amazing job in organizing  this brilliant festival, This year they made some changes to the program which we and many people we spoke to  agreed wasn't really  for the best and I hope that they revise these changes next year, Some changes they made were definately for the better, and I realize that  things can't always stay the same.
When we left Trundle we made a detour to our eldest daughter's home to celebrate the 5th birthday of our sweet granddaughter.
We brought the girls and their kelpie dog Desmo  back to the farm for a few days to give  their parents some time to do a few things they needed to catch up on.
We cooked cupcakes and decorated them.
They helped Poppy do lots of jobs with the sheep and chickens and Desmo the Kelpie  has  settled into farm  life well too helping at every opportunity.
I met back up with my daughter to return the girls, and we also caught up with my Mum for Mothers Day  and  so that she could meet her new Great grandson for the first time.
We got a couple of photos while we were there to record the four generations together.
Brian  headed back up to Lightning Ridge to spend some time with his brothers  and while he was away I  got into some canning.
I  tried something new that I had been wanting to  do, canning corned beef chunks.
To each jar I added brown sugar, peppercorns, malt vinegar and cloves, placed the rings, lids and clips on the jars,
Placed into the pressure canner and processed for 90 minutes at the correct pressure for our altitude.

I haven't tried this  yet, I am hoping that this will a very useful tasty addition to our pantry . It will great to have canned corn meat on hand for salads and hot meals.
It's been a fairly hectic few weeks, and  I think the next few will be equally as busy.
Today I attended the "Biggest Morning Tea"  in town and it was well attended by  locals and some visiting travellers, The organizers raised a very healthy $1000 or more, well done to the volunteers who ran the morning. The Cancer Council will be glad of that generous donation .
So until we meet again down the road,
Take care of you and yours,
Jane and Brian.


  1. The ABBA festival looks like a lot of fun.

    1. It was Kathy,
      I just love seeing all the costumes and hearing that music all weekend, it takes forever to get it out of your

  2. looks like you all had a wonderful time away
    enjoy looking at what you get up to away & on the farm lol
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina,
      we have had a really great but hectic few weeks...lots of highs ,,but always glad to head home and get back to normality.
      Take care