Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Anzac Day In Our Small Town.

Anzac Day 2018  dawned  and as usual we  headed to town to watch the march along the street to the park and the following ceremony to pay honour to our Diggers.
Anzac Day honours all our heroic men and women  that  have fought and died in the many conflicts around the world over the last 100 years or so, it also celebrates the many brave men and women that thankfully made it home to their loved ones.
As Anzac day fell in the school holidays , a few of the students were unable to attend and the school was unable to find a drummer to accompany the marchers, so our wonderful school principal made the decision to man the drums himself.
The marchers were escorted  along the street by our local police officer,
After the march reached the park  everyone congregated at the  cenotaph  for the service  which was completely run by the local school students and principal.
A really good crowd as in attendance ,
Wreaths were laid on behalf of the Army, Navy,Air force, School students, local organizations and  private people.
At the conclusion of the service  many people milled around, some placing personal small tributes for family members onto the cenotaph.
I want to add my personal congratulations and thanks to the local school for  organizing this service and mostly I want to thank all those amazing brave soldiers that fought for the freedoms  and lifestyle that we so value today.
Earlier today another blogger that I follow   posted about the remembrance poppies and it made me remember how my Mum  had  help make hundreds of crocheted red poppies that were to be used in mass displays.
I also  wanted to show this photo, my  very talented Sister in Law  made this red poppy mosiac on an old three piece  glass shower screen and today after taking my Mum to their local march and service brought her and her friends back to hers and my Brother's place and took this picture, Thankyou Pam.
My mum on the right will be 94 this year, my father who was a returned service man( as was his father)  died back in 1976 and mum has worked tirelessly over many.many years for the RSL ladies Auxiliary raising funds to help returned service men. My mum lives in Legacy accommodation, an organization set up after the war to  help support the widows and children of the servicemen who were  not fortunate enough to make it back home. They are a  fantastic  organization.
I am very proud of my parents,Dad  fought for our country, they both  worked hard, gave us a good community  and work ethic and raised a loving family.What more could anyone want.
So until we meet again,
Take care,
Jane and Brian.

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