Sunday, 17 December 2017

Rain, Clean-Ups, Apricots, some New Acquisitions and meat( warning ! butchered animal photo.)

We were only home a  day and had cleaned up the big mess from the storm that had passed through  when out of the blue another hard  storm hit us. before we had a chance to  create any storm  run off   diversions up the back
We had 51 mm in a very short time and once again  the silt,sand and mud washed everywhere.
It made quite a mess and once again  we went into clean up mode.
That afternoon Brian got the tractor out and  made some tracks for the water to run away from the house  when it  storms like that again. Sadly  we lost a clutch of day old chickens which unbeknown to us drowned in the orchard chicken coop.Mum was able to get up high , but the chicks couldn't.
When I was up  watching  and photographing  Brian on the tractor I slipped over in the mud and re skinned my knee ( the same one I had injured in Wollongong.
It has taken quite a while to heal.
That night we had a quick dinner of some of my canned lamb curry.
We have really been enjoying the curries, nice and spicy and portioned controlled.
We had ordered a new lounge and it had taken four months to  arrive at the shop and they rang to arrange delivery after the weekend.
Our old lounge had been made of split leather and that's exactly what it did  just as soon as the warranty was up.
We dismantled  it and took it to the tip,
and sat on our cane chairs with our tv tables for a couple of nights,
We cleaned up ready for the delivery of our new lounge,
And at last it was here.
We love our beautiful new leather lounge( no split leather this time).
Another  event we had been patiently waiting for was  the evaporative air conditioning.
As we have a flat roof, our installation was  basic, with  one dropped vent into the loungeroom .
A hole was cut into the ceiling, and the unit was   installed up onto the roof.
The appropriate electrical wiring and plumbing  was completed and the inside vent was installed.

It is HEAVEN !!,  that's all I can say, with  strategic opening of windows in various rooms of the house the cool air travels everywhere we want it.  It runs extremely well on our battery system with no issues what so ever so far.
Our neighbour has pigs and in return for a butchered  lamb from our place and a few jobs Brian did for him, he gave us a pig to butcher. Hope no one is offended by this !
That night we also held an impromptu 65 th birthday dinner for Brian's brother from next door. A great night was had by all.
Our turkeys are growing fast, wandering around the farm with the older birds, and starting to roost  up on the roof of the chicken coop like the big birds.
Our  Early Moorepark apricot tree down in the new orchard  started to  ripen and Brian picked a bucket .
t  gave  me 14 bottles of beautiful preserved apricots. They  look a bit green , but bottle up  well at this point.
The next day I travelled to Dubbo to meet up with my big sister, we had a quick coffee before hitting the shops for a bit of retail therapy.
We then surprised our mother who was  at a club  enjoying the Christmas raffles,
We had 2 nights with Mum and had a great catch up, eating pizza for dinner , and  my sister and I  sharing Mum's pull out couch and chatting away and giggling like school girls  until the wee small hours.It was fun.
We got a picture of us together .
 Mum lives independently  in a small  unit in a retirement village.
I headed home on Sunday morning,  and Brian had picked another two buckets of apricots off the tree.

We got in and  processed them into jars.
One batch out of the Water bath preserver and another ready to go in. We ended up with 42 jars of apricots in all from the 3 loads.
A few days later we returned to Dubbo  and entertained  two of our grand daughters at the park while mum had a doctor's visit. She is expecting baby Number 3 on Christmas Day. This will be our 5th grandchild.
This time we stayed the night with my brother and sister in law and we decided to have an Indian Banquet for dinner which was amazing. I love Indian food.
After dinner we took a drive around their neighborhood and checked out all the homes lit up with gorgeous Christmas lights and decorations.
The last one is my Brother's house.  There were many beautifully  lit up homes and this is just a few.
We had a great  night and returned home to the farm the next morning.
On the drive home I spotted this Christmas tree at a farmers gate, I thought it was a clever use of old tyres, an idea I may copy next year.
Just in case I don't get time to catch up again before  Santa arrives, I want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy  2018.
Take care, travel safe, be nice to your fellow man.
Jane and Brian.


  1. Merry Christmas, Jane and Brian. I hope you have a few days when you can put your feet up and relax. I've really loved reading your blog during the year, it's one of my favourites. xx

    1. Thank you Rhonda , and a huge Merry Christmas to you and Hanno, Gracie and all the family.
      I look forward to seeing you back in January.
      Take care
      All our best wishes.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Jane. I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to reading many more!

    1. Thanks Rebecca,
      And a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
      We lead a fairly normal life, but it never fails to surprise me how busy we are when I see it in the blodg.
      I don't update half as much as I would like gets in the way.
      All our best wishes
      Take care

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS & a safe New Year to all your family!

    have totally enjoyed your journey here, you are an inspiration to me, love the farm life & that you keep it real :))
    looking forward to another year with you & Brian
    thanx for sharing

    1. Hi Selina,
      Merry Christmas to you and your family too Selina.
      We have had a busy year but it's been fun.
      Thanks for tagging along with us.
      Take care