Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Celebrating the Girl 2017 Part 2

On this  weekend when we celebrate The Girl we always way over indulge ourselves we always say that we are eating Rita's share too), we really do try to balance it a bit and make sure that we do some form of exercise as well.
This year we went for a leisurely (not) walk up to Tomaree Heads summit near Nelson Bay. It is only a short  walk 2.2 kilometres return,
but! most of it is vertical.A neighbour of my friend accompanied us on the walk, they regularly do this walk every weekend. It literally takes your breath away, but when you reach the top if  you still have any breath left it will be gone after taking in the amazing views.
It was certainly worth the pain . I have done this walk once before a few years ago, but it was just as  wonderful  this time. We stopped at the top to catch our breath  and to get a photograph of  us together.
After our energizing  walk we decided a coffee was in order and  stopped at the Birubi Beach Cafe, Crest ,which was a great cafe located right on the beach with wonderful views out to the ocean.
This is obviously a very popular spot as it was very crowded and many people came and went while we were there.
I was very surprised  to see that nearby there were camel rides on the beach, we could sit and watch them from the cafe as we enjoyed our coffees.
That afternoon we had booked in for our special High Tea  for Rita, this time it was at a beautiful farm  at  Duckenfield  and it was called Ducks In The Field.
The owner had a small flat that her son and wife lived in but as their family grew they had to move on as the space was inadequate so rather than leaving it to only be used occasionally, she decided to set up a  High Tea business. It has proved very successful as she is booked out many weeks ahead .
The old farmhouse and garden was quirky but beautiful.
The high tea was sumptuous to say the least,
The menu was  so well planned and exercised.
I didn't photograph all the courses, (I was too busy eating and enjoying the occasion) but here are a few,
It was all so beautifully presented, the china was  quaint with some really cute jugs and serving plates.
We got another shot to record the occasion, we are celebrating with another  of The Girl's relatives.
and another out in the garden under the walkway.
It was a beautiful afternoon, great company, perfect  location and  amazing food. Well done Ducks In The Field!
After returning home  my friend attended an exercise class while I wandered a bit and filled in the time, and I found this glorious avenue of Jacaranda trees, how stunning are they in all their purple glory, and what a gorgeous carpet of fallen petals on the ground underneath.
This break away has been totally wonderful, I have enjoyed every minute thus far and will update soon with the last two days of the trip. We really do celebrate The Girl and hopefully will continue to do so for many more years to come.
Take care until we meet again.
Jane and Brian.

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