Thursday, 24 August 2017

A few days Rest and Relaxation.

We had a small window of opportunity last week to get away for a few days relaxation so after a discussion on a  destination  we hooked our  little caravan on and headed north .
After a suggestion from our next door neighbour( Brian's brother)  we decided on a few days at the heated  themal pools at Moree NSW.
Moree is about three hours north of the farm and although we had passed through it many times we had never really considered it as a holiday destination.
We were  able to   set up the van in a very convenient location to the amenities ( our older caravan does not  have it's own bathroom facilities).
The park we chose was called the  Gwydir  Motel and Carapark. It has a motel  and approximately 150 cabins ,villas and caravan sites  for hire.
It consists of 5  heated pools ranging in temperature from 28 deg C  to 39 deg C.
This bigger pool is the 28 deg pool, with the motel rooms in the background.
The first day we started out in the 2nd coolest pool  and then slowly progressed to the warmer pools.

This place has become a favourite  stop off  point and holiday destination for the ever increasing Grey Nomad brigade. On the second day we were there, the wind started to pick up and even though it was  heaven in the pools, the chill factor on exiting the water was  in the -Deg C I am am convinced.
We met and chatted   to many lovely and interesting people, most of them were couples  who follow the "Thermal Way" a   directory of many thermal pool destinations  all over Australia.
We have always heard of the health benefits of soaking in these  beautiful warm mineral pools and we have to admit while you are in them, you really do feel wonderful, but in our case within  hours we were back to our normal  selves.
We had a night out at the local Services club, a lovely dinner and we bought a few raffle tickets,
But unfortunately,  Lady Luck was not on our side.
We made good use of our new Baby Weber BBQ, ( for at least one meal), as the shocking wind  started to really affect  all outdoor activities except the pools.
We had to pull in our awning and  not leave things outside in fear of them being blown away.
We wandered up to a nearby tavern on the Saturday for a beautiful lunch,
With extremely full bellies we made our way back  to the caravan and as most of the other campers were doing hibernated inside the rest of the afternoon and evening   bar one final dip in the pool.
Apart from the atrocious  wind, which was felt over much of eastern Australia, we really did have a wonderful, relaxed enjoyable few days away.
One thing for sure is that we will  return to this  place to once  again soak our aching  joints in those lovely hot mineral pools and in our travels seek out some of the many other locations  that we have been told about.
The next morning we  hooked the caravan back up and  reluctantly made the return trip back home.
The view of the countryside along the way is really  beautiful and I love this view across to the mountains.
This short break away has made us realize how crazy that our life is sometimes and  that we really do need to take the time to stop and  smell the roses so to speak, and will certainly be  taking a few more trips away both planned and impromptu to recharge  our  batteries.
Until we meet again, take care of you and yours,
Jane and Brian.


  1. glad you had an enjoyable break away, the view certainly do look wonderful
    we had those awful winds up here too (qld) luckily only lasted a day thankfully
    agree, you both work very hard & non stop & should treat yourselves to more breaks, even if they're only short trips away for a weekend, recharge whenever possible
    thanx for sharing

    1. We really did have a great break.
      We really are going to take the time to have a few recharge breaks.

  2. I never knew these pool existed - I'm tempted to give them a shot. I'm loving the little caravan. We have downsized to a small car now so need to rethink what we can tow

    1. There is a book, I think it is called "The Thermal Way" It tells the history of thermal pools all around Australia and information on where to find them all, accomodation, costs ect.
      We adore our little van, we just decided as we just will mainly do smaller trips that it would be madness to be towing around a great big van when a smaller lighter one does just as well. This van only weighs 750 kgs, and is a dream to tow.
      We have everything we need in there.
      We find the pop top good, as we are not very tall we find that we can funtion normally inside if necessary without even popping the stop for a quick stop for a cuppa or meal., good luck with your choice .