Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Remembering Our Heroes

When I was growing up ANZAC  Day was always a big deal. My dad had been a returned serviceman having  fought in New Guinea during WW2 and my Grandfather at Gallipolli in WW!
So it was with great pride that each year in our small town we as children would march proudly alongside our returned heroes and participate in the following solemn ceremony to commemorate our fallen heroes also.
Recently I found some  gorgeous old photos that my oldest  brother had taken on one of those Anzac days, and loved seeing  my father calling the march and my sister marching proudly in her  sporting house colours of Boronia.  The quality of these photographs  is quite poor so  I apologize for that.

Our small town still hosts an Anzac Day march and ceremony albeit on a much smaller scale.
The returned servicemen,  school children, and other people who march  in honour of their family members all assemble at the memorial hall and then march along  the main street  up to Len Guy Park for the ceremony.

Our numbers have certainly dwindled, but the spirit of the occasion hasn't.
Many local residents and travelling  visitors gathered in the park to  take part in  a moving ceremony  that was  beautifully conducted by senior students from the local school.
Many of the local groups  laid floral wreaths as tributes to the fallen  and a minutes silence was observed.
I hope that Anzac Day continues to be a special day in our small town, as so many men and women gave up so much to  give us the wonderful life that we all so enjoy to day,
Lest We Forget !
Also this week our small town celebrated their annual race day, we didn't attend as we had our beautiful little granddaughters visiting with us and so instead went with our drone to a nearby field and took a couple of aerial shots of the course.
By all accounts it was a very successful race meeting with glorious weather, great racing and gorgeous fashions on the field. Maybe next year we may attend.
The weather  over this last week has been just beautiful, lovely sunny days and nice cooler  overnight temperatures.
The sunrises and sunsets have  just been stunning.
 That early morning light is just so  eye catching   and I love to see that early light hitting the trees and rocks  near the house.
Equally as beautiful is the late sun setting in the west,
It truly is a beautiful world we live in and we  really need to take the time to appreciate all that we have been given.
So until we meet again,
Take time to appreciate everything,
Look after your self and each other.
Jane and Brian.


  1. Your so right, we do really need to make the time to stop and appreciate our beautiful world. Good on your small town and its Anzac Day spirit.

    1. Yes Sherri, the spirit is alive and well now it's up to us to keep it that way.

  2. Jane growing up we didn't really observe ANZAC Day. I was a small child when our vets came home from Vietnam and I do remember it not being a time when it was talked about.
    This changed when I left home and took myself off to a service. It was so very moving. I have been to an ANZAC Day service ever since.
    I follow the services for different reasons now. My son, at the ripe old age of 27 is a returned vet. He marches in the Sydney parades each year in his uniform and with his squadron. Our original vets are gone but most definitely not forgotten. Let us not forget that we have young men and woman on current active duty doing us very proud.

    1. We certainly will not forget the younger returned vets (and the young ones who sadly did not return).. Congrats to your son for his patriotism to his country and for his safe return.
      We too have a number of neices and nephews that chose the services,
      Some returned and moved on to other careers and several are still there, some in the navy and some in the army.
      We truly aplaud their dedication in keeping us all safe.
      Take care Jane,