Friday, 2 December 2016

Food, Friends,Family and Fun Times.

Another year has passed and once again  my annual  trip away with my  wonderful friend  had   hit me  fair in the face.
Time has  just gone so quickly by and  it was upon me before I knew it.
(My friend is the daughter of my  wonderful next door neighbour we had on the coast) Sadly we lost Rita a few years back and as she adored  beautiful food we decided to meet somewhere each year in her honour and have a "Foodie" weekend.
This year we decided on Melbourne, and arranged to have three days down there exploring and eating glorious food.
I had never actually stayed in Melbourne( only briefly passing through when we went to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania".
The trip took some planning , as my friend was travelling by plane  from Newcastle, and I began my jouney from Dubbo. Brian took me to my brother's home on the Wednesday evening. My brother loves to create  things for his garden from  old bits and peices he  obtains.
These two chairs are his latest creations, I think they look wonderful.
The next morning my sister in law  dropped me at 8 am at  the railway station to catch a bus to Lithgow and from there I transferred onto a train to Central Station in Sydney.
I was met at Sydney by my sister and we went to the Queen Victoria building for a coffee and it was great to see that their stunning Christmas tree was already up.
And we couldn't resist a selfie in front of the stained glass windows( even as bad as it is )
We then met my Brother In Law as he finished work and wandered the waterfront in search of a reasonably priced place to eat dinner at. The waterfront already had many of it's Christmas decorations up and my sister and her hubby posed in front of this big tree for me.
After a lovely dinner( seafood pot pie) we  went for a wander  along to Barangaroo and around the point and back under the Harbour bridge.
As time was getting away, we quickly made our way back to Central station , collected my luggage from the storage and they  said their goodbyes and I boarded the overnight  8.30 pm XPT sleeper train to Melbourne.
I shared a compartment  with a lovely lady named Hazel. The  bunks are made up about 10pm , the seating arrangement is quickly turned into two bunks for the night.
We shared a very small toilet /shower facility with the compartment next door( it was  very compact but serviceable for our needs) I did not take the 2 photos above or the one below as my phone was flat and not able to be used)
I didn't sleep very well, but thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would try it again.
I arrived at Southern Cross Station,  Melbourne next morning at about 7.30 am and awaited the arrival of my friend Les who was catching the sky bus shuttle from the airport to the railway station.
We walked to our motel, a small modest  block of rooms in Little Bourke street, which we decided was fairly central for us to do our exploring.
We unpacked  and then went wandering,We tried to get morning tea at this beautiful tea room we had been told of,(The Hopetoun Tea Room) only to find the queue enormous, so we made do with a drool over the sumptious  cakes and slices on display in their window and went on to find an alternative  ( the Lindt chocolate shop)
We came back  three or four times over the three days but the queue was never shorter than about 20 or 30 people, so we gave up.
The  Myer shopping centre had there Christmas window display up and we spent time  wandering along with all the other people  reminiscing of Christmas's gone by as their windows were Australian  60's themed, they really were truly wonderful.
We wandered the central mall area, had some great italian lunch in a small ally cafe and took a ride on the famous  free city loop trams to have a look around. The public transport in Melbourne is really great and I had never been on trams before, so a new experience for me.
In the evening we got ourselves ready and  headed to Southgate on the Yarra River, as we had booked a  night time dinner cruise.
(The above night shot is not mine)...The 3 hour  4 course dinner was amazing, wonderful food and wine, great night views along the river, great people to chat to and very  friendly,helpful staff.
It was a night to remember, I loved it( something I would love to repeat one day with Brian)
The next day we had an early start ,we were booked into the Queen Victoria Food Markets for a "Hunter and Gatherer guided  tour"
We were told of the buildings history, and the markets history and how many of the shop and stall holders have been there for generations. The place was  so clean and smelt of wonderful fresh seafood, meat ,baked goods,spices, chocolates, cheeses and other delicious goodies. As we wanded along we were given tasty samples from a lot of the stalls and told their stories.
The following photos are a collection of just a very few of the wonderful produce stalls that numbered in the hundreds.

As we had been snacking all around the markets, we didn't worry about lunch and headed back to our motel to change for "Afternoon Tea at the Windsor Hotel"
This truly was a special treat in honour of Rita, one of her favourite things to do was to go to High Tea or Afternoon Tea, and we thought what better place than the Windsor Hotel. !!

We had champagne,  lovely pots of tea of our choice, and this selection of goodies brought to the table.
And then.....there was the help yourself dessert bar, a sight to behold.

I am ashamed to say, I made a  piggy of myself, but everything was just so delicious and  I found it very hard to resist. It was  the most beautiful afternoon tea that I have ever had and I am sure Rita in spirit enjoyed it too( Les and I certainly ate enough for her as well)
Afterwards we went for a walk( thought we ought to after all that food) up  into the Fitzroy gardens, surrounded by beautiful old buildings,
Parliament House,
St Patrick's Cathedral,
Captain Cook's childhood home( disassembled in England and brought to Australia in the 1930's and  rebuilt, becoming Australia's oldest building)

There was also this beautiful conservatory.
We  headed back to our motel, had a rest for a while , didn't need any dinner as we were stuffed from afternoon tea, spruced ourselves up and headed off  just down the road to Her Majesties Theatre to see the stage  production of "Kinky Boots"
It was a  brilliant show, wonderful music score written by Cyndi Lauper, and just such   great entertainment. I thoroughly enjoyed the  show as  did it seemed most of the audience that night( it was a packed house) SUCH FUN !!!!!  We climbed into our beds that night thoroughly exhausted.
The next morning we hopped on a tram to St Kilda and wandered the waterfront, it was such a picturesque spot.

We then  wandered over to Ackland street for a coffee and cake from one of the famous bakeries along the way.
The choice was very difficult.
I don't think I have ever seen such wonderful food as what I saw in Melbourne,  it just never ended.
We headed back to the city on the tram and went past Luna Park( which I niavely only thought existed in Sydney.
We   did a bit of window shopping in a few stores that I don't normally see , wandered the  river waterfront , Federation Square, past   the famous old Spencer Street Railway Station,

had a wonderful  delicious lunch in a small Turkish cafe up a  tiny lane way that accommodated about 30 cafes along it on both sides.

We returned to our motel and  packed ourselves up and caught a very busy tram back to Southern cross Station.
I farewelled my friend at the station onto her bus back to the airport and then filled in an hour or so wandering  the station.
About 6.30 pm I once again  boarded  the overnight XPT sleeper train( this time back to Sydney) arriving there about 8am the next morning just in time to connect up( miraculously )  with the XPT train to Dubbo, arriving there about 2pm.
Brian collected me from the station, we did a quick grocery shop and headed home arriving back at the farm nearly 24 hours after having left Melbourne.
I had the most  amazing, wonderful,fattening few days ever. I loved every minute of it, even my poor ,sore,tired aching feet from all those many  kilometres we walked, loved it. !!
It was a wonderful way to honour Rita and next year we will do a more low key( inexpensive)   weekend, heading to  the coast  and just doing special local activities around where we once lived. ( we are already planning and looking forward to it.)
Hopefully we will meet again down the track,
so until then, take care


  1. A very interesting post, Jane. Nice to see you back and I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Melbourne - I've made some notes of things to do next time I'm there.
    Hope you and your family have a good Christmas.

    1. Thanks Nicky,
      We had a lovely time and will certainly return. All the best to you and yours also for Christmas,

  2. I enjoyed tripping along with you on this fabulous excursion, may do a train journey next time too. I have not been to Melbourne in the longest time, have to agree though that the food is the very best. Wonderful way to remember your dear friend. Best wishes Lillian xx

    1. Ohh Lillian, the food was just amazing,, I had a wonderful time,
      Best wishes for the holidays,

  3. If I had to live in a capital city, it would be Melbourne.It is very 'sorted'. Love those wheels out the front garden.

    1. Yes me too, certainly liked Melbourne over Sydney, but both places have wonderful and exciting things about tgem...Melbourne was just new to me and I loved it.

  4. What a wonderful trip! My mouth is watering! Thank you for taking me with you to see the sights (and food) of Melbourn. I have never been to Australia, and Melbourn seems a great place to visit.
    I also think it is a brilliant idea to remember your friend.
    I am looking forward to a train journey next week. My hubby and I have booked the train to go to Madrid (Spain). That is a 5 hour journey, and we live an hours' drive from the nearest station so it is not as long a journey as yours (Spain is not as big as Australia) butnevertheless I am excited about going and seeing the capital for the first time.
    Best wishes,
    (one of your followers from Spain)

    1. It was amazing Lisca, an amazing holiday. We like you are about an hour from our nearest railway station ( we do have a bus close). I hope you enjoy your trip to Madrid, somewhere I would love to visit... I have seen many amazing ancient buildings in documentaries on tv and the colours are so amazing.
      All the best for Christmas,

  5. Goodness, you certainly covered most of the basics. Just missing, lygon street (Italian), China Town, and the Botanical Gardens. Oh and .........
    Now you know why im so FAT!!!!

    1. Melbourne is just so amazing, food, transport, buildings, gardens, food, shops, views, people and did I mention food... lol.
      Definately will return.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours Lynda

  6. Luna Park in Melbourne? well i never knew that either! i used to hang around Sydneys' Luna Park through most of my adolescent years. i just looked it up & there used to to be one in Brisbane too!
    glad you had a wonderful time honoring your friend, have been to Melbourne too, it's an amazing place to tour.
    have a great holiday & xmas
    thanx for sharing

  7. I so enjoyed reading about your Melbourne trip. I live in Melbourne and love it. We may not have the beautiful water vistas as Sydneysiders do, but certainly make up for it in hospitality, food and great coffee, so I could relate to your experiences.

  8. Sounds wonderful! High tea at the Windsor and Ackland St - yummo!