Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The bits in between

Although it  seemed that laying the concrete was the major project for the week, we also had a few other jobs and activities  that we  had to work round as well.
The first  being Brian's birthday celebrations.
Once again we had the obligitory bonfire and friends and family over to celebrate, I made him an old favourite, Apricot  nectar  cheesecake for his  cake.
We had a great night, I used to make cheesecakes all the time when all the family were home, but rarely have over the last few years as they were just too big , but hopefully I will  now get back into making them more regularly again as we now have more people around to share with.
One of our wonderful local long time  volunteers had reached a point in her life where she felt she needed to move on to another town  where there  are more services available to her as she doesn't drive or own a car.  Many of the local  groups have been  gathering  to have  their small farewells to her and I got in and baked a few slices for our local craft shop farewell morning tea.
I made an Armenian Nutmeg cake and a coconut jam slice.
On Saturday, several of us gathered at  Barbara's home and we loaded all her furniture onto a truck, several vehicles and trailers,
And then on Sunday, drove the 200 klms to her new town and unloaded all the furniture into her lovely  new home. She will truly be missed by  the many groups and organizations that she  was a part of  and  volunteered for, and hope that she will be  truly happy  in her  new home.
While we have been away from home a fair bit , the chickens and turkeys took advantage of our absence and  sneaked into our yard and had a field day with  our cabbage and cauliflower plants.
Brian has had to do a fill in on and below  all the gates  with chicken wire as the smaller Isa Brown hens were just fitting under nicely, but the turkeys are another matter as they just jump up and over, they may be a little harder to keep out.
We have had glorious weather this week, with our apricot tree now in full bloom and already sprouting a few new green leaves, winter is nearly over, only about two weeks until spring is upon us.
Our  "Cauliflower  Hakea" is flowering for the first time, a small shrub that although looks soft and delicate, in reality  is a very prickly, spikey shrub.
I decided  to get  in and make a couple of lasagnas so that I could pop them away in the freezer  for an easy meal when I  don't  feel like cooking.

A lovely tomato based  bolognaise sauce, made from minced lamb and  my canned tomatoes, and  canned pasta sauce, teamed with a nice cheesy  melted butter sauce, layered with   pasta sheets.
I made two, but  they smelt so good that we decided to eat one that very night and only one made it into the freezer.
We have had a great week, full on, fun,sad,   exhausting, rewarding, productive   and progress on the house.
We have come to the conclusion that life here will never be dull, we will never be lonely , and  there will always be  a long list of  jobs to be done,  but LIFE IS GOOD.
Until we meet again,
Take care of you and yours,


  1. Cheesecake is a favourite in our house too but I save it for special occasions because, with only three of us, making a big cheesecake means I end up "having" to eat several pieces (to make sure we don't waste any, of course!).

    1. Yes Meg, That's it, we HAVE to eat it
      We hate seeings food go to waste too. :-) :-) :-)

  2. Life is good, Jane, especially when you're so productive and helpful. You and hubby have built a wonderful life there on your block. I'm enjoying reading your blog very much. xx

  3. Thanks Rhonda,
    We are very lucky, we have a great circle of friends and neighbours and whenever a job needs doing tgey all band together and get it done and then all turn up at the next job in line....That never happened as much on the coast, it did happen, just not like it does here.
    We certainly made the right choice moving here.
    Take care