Friday, 15 April 2016

The Journey Continues

The  first morning in Tasmania saw us head off south towards Launceston.. On the way we came to a town called Westbury that had a stream  exhibition, so we stopped as hubby is a total fan and I quite like them also.
Pearns Steam world was an amazing place., there were two massive sheds full of all the big toys of Hubby's dreams.
We moved onto Launceston, found a motel and booked in for a few days.
there was a wonderful auto and bike museum that we also looked through,
The car museum was great, they had a collection of Mustangs, and Ducati bikes, both  great machines.
We had a lovely lunch at a pub, wandered through the park which boasts a wonderful conservatory
and a wonderful monkey enclosure,
The  next  morning we caught up with one of my Facebook friends  for the first time, "Swampy Hollow Farm"  AKA Mark , we met for coffee at Bunnings and chatted for a fair while, It was  good to meet in real life, we hope to visit his farm at Glengarry before we head home. We then   went to the Penny Royal adventure park, we just had a wander around the complex, it was lovely but to do all the activities would have been very expensive. This park has just undergone a major revamp.
I particularly loved the old mill, it still has to  have major repairs.
After  Penny Royal we met up with a young friend who has relocated to Launceston for work and had lunch with her.
We then drove out to Youngtown to Visit "Franklin House" , a house built in 1838  by convicts for my Great, great,great,great grandfather,Britton Jones , himself an ex convict who had been  transported  to Hobart for 7 years for stealing lead.
It is amazing to  wander around the home and know that it had family connections all those years ago. it was just lovely, and the volunteers were interested in my family line as I was the first ti visit as far as they were aware, they asked me to send my  family information on my return home.
The next day we decided to have a walk around Cataract Gorge. e headed there around 8 am while it was still cool.
It was a lovely walk around the gorge, such  awesome scenery and worth every step, one side was quite hilly with many steps , the other gentle and wheelchair friendly.
We then went into town and looked at St Johns Church, the church my  great,great,great ,great grandparents were married in.
After lunch we did a cruise back into Cataract Gorge and a little of the Tamar River,
As we cruised along the gorge, the sounds of bagpipes rang out, a lone piper was up on the bank in a shelter , the wonderful music was reverberating around the gorge, the boat  operater joking said the piper is always there as his wife won't let him practice at home. :-)  :-)
After the  cruise we decided to take a drive to Beaconsfield to go to the mining museum. ten years ago men were trapped in the mine for 14 days , 1 man died and 2 survived. After the tragedy  the mine  only operated for a few years before closing down.
It was a wonderful museum, brilliantly put together and a great tribute  to the many lives lost in the mining industry.
We also  visited Beaconsfield cemetery as my  grandmother was born in Beaconsfied and her grandparents are buried at the cemetery.
 We then headed home, past beauty point where we saw this  gorgeous old rusty bus, which I love,
My brother had seen this bus on a trip to Tassie, and I sought it out as I loved it so much.
We crossed the Tamar river over the Batman Bridge
I remember seeing Photos of a trip to Tasmania that my grandparents did when this bridge was first opened and I  wanted to travel over it just as they did all those years ago.
That is about the end of the Launceston  area section of our trip. I hope it hasn't bored you to tears .
We have loved all the things we have done and are having a wonderful time.

Until we meet a little further down the track,
Take care everyone,


  1. No you haven`t bored me to tears. I very much enjoyed looking at the photos and reading about your experiences. We too love steam things and car museums etc. The Ducatis look awesome.
    What a lovely place Tasmania is. The gorge is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing,

    1. We have been having a lovely time Lisca, Tasmania truly is one of Australia's more beautiful states.

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  3. How wonderful to hear the stories of your family and for you to be able to visit where they lived and raised their families. You live in a beautiful area of the world. Thanks for sharing with us. I hope to do a car trip around the US in the next year or so to visit the areas some of my anacestors lived in. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    1. We have really enjoyed seeing where some of my relatives used to live, seems strange to stand in places they stood nearly 200 years ago, I hope you enjoy your trip too. Cheers. Jane

  4. Goodness, apart from your family activities, you are doing the trip we would do. Keep up your post and i'll use it to motivate my husband.

    1. We probably are not the typical tourists, we eat cheap and love as many free entry things as possible, love just driving and looking, but still want to do OME of the big things.Hope you do it soon, we have had a ball so far( and it's not over yet) Cheers Jane.

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