Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Birthday Celebrations and Family get togethers.

This  Easter was indeed a huge  long weekend for us. It all started about a week ago when Hubby's brother contacted us  to inform us that another brother who was to attend  the long weekend bash ( with a pig in tow) was unable to make it, so Hubby and our neighbour  brother sourced another pig for the spit from our  other neighbour who raises  them.
The  brothers three got together and  butchered the pig and  popped it away into our coolroom to  chill for a few days.
The next job on our agenda was to  purchase a good supply of hay for hand feeding of our sheep as we still have had no significant rainfall  and the situation is  deteriorating.
We purchased two big bales to put out into the paddocks for the sheep while we are away on our  tasmanian holiday and the rest for  general day to day feeding. This amount of hay cost us  close on $500.00. so I hope it rains soon.
On Friday  a large group of Hubby's relatives congregated at the local showground with our caravans and tents ,
We all come together to celebrate the joint 60th birthdays of Hubby's sister and her husband.
The boys got together and  organized the pig onto the spit for dinner that night.
When it was nearly done, they also added par boiled potatoes into trays under the pig to roast.

We had a lovely night catching up the the relatives, some we haven't seen for up to 30 years.
We lit up fire drums and sat around and talked  for ages.
Saturday saw us  put a lamb on the spit,
and lots more catching up and enjoying   ourselves.
The party was to be loosely themed 50's and 60's but I think the  outfits  didn't exactly follow that theme, but were fun anyway, many just wore wigs and whatever they had on hand.
Our niece who is to be congratulated for her efforts put on a lovely dinner in the  pavillion which her children had decorated.
We even had Elvis sitting at our table(AKA Bernie, Hubby's brother)
The birthday duo cut their cake,
And their was karoke singing and laughter well into the night.
Next morning we all met up at the local small bore rifle range , which was named after my Father In Law for an  family versus others shootout which we hope will become an annual event.

Hubby's brother from Queensland was the main organizer of this day as he is an avid target shooter  and will even represent Australia  later this year in Portugal for the world championships.
While all the  shooters took their turn many others sat around outside catching up and then  enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch.
It was then on to the trophy presentations,
There were several categories, junior, Hunter, and open,
and it was no surprise that my Brother In Law , took out the overall champion shield.
Who knows,  someone may just knock him off that perch next year as they are all very competitive in a very friendly way.
I trust you all had a lovely Easter, as we did, although it was busy, not only with this gathering but many other  things squeezed in between.
Take care until we meet again,
:-)  :-)  :-).


  1. What a lovely and very typical Aussie country get together.

    1. We had a lovely time Lynda, we are endeavouring to do this more often. Another brother will be 60 next year and another will be 70( my husband is one of 11) so we are already in the planning stages for those celebrations( jointly most likely)So much more fun than just getting together at funerals.
      take care

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  3. Oh what a super weekend! So much fun with family. What a treasured time together!

  4. Hubby's family always have a great time when they get together, doesn't happen too often so we all make the most of our time together.
    They are all fairly good friends, so it makes for ggod times. :-) :-) :-)