Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Going, Going, Going, GONE.!!!

Hello everyone,
Firstly let me apologise for being a really bad blogger.
We have had the craziest of few months , we have travelled thousands of miles up and down the freeway and out west and carted many trailer loads of  things to the farm.
Hubby made the momentous decision to retire from his job that he had been with for over 42 years, and we made the equally big decision to put the house on the market  immediately.
To our surprise it sold almost straight away and for a better price than we were expecting.The new owners plan to knock it down and build 5 or 6 units on the block.
So then the real madness began, we did lots of sorting and did numerous trips to the tip, caught up with many of our old friends for one last get together at the old place and made arrangements for removalists to  quote as I decided that  for this move we would for the first time have someone else do all the heavy lifting.
The day of moving very quickly was upon us and the huge truck pulled up at our place with 8 men ready willing and able to manhandle ours and our sons furniture into the  back of the truck.
We had made the decision to combine with our son who was also moving his possessions out west further on from the farm, and it made good finacial sense to share the truck  and the cost.
It was a crazy few hours, but they were brilliant, we followed behind cleaning and   we  had been told that they would deliver the furniture up to the farm the next the loading progressed better then expected they suggested to us that they would prefer to unload later that afternoon, so we then had a made scramble to finish off, load the trailer, get  a quick Macdonalds drive through lunch and head west immediately.
We arrived up at the farm at about 4pm, and to our suprise the furniture truck had arrived there about 5 minutes before us.
The furniture was all unloaded within  an hour,  and the truck moved on to deliver our sons belongings to his stirage unit further  out west. Most things went where I wanted them to, the issue being that  nothing is staying where it was placed as we have renovations to be done and it will all need to be moved again, but WE ARE HERE  !!!
For the time being we have made it comfortable,  and  livable, the worst is yet tocome.
we have  used one of the bedrooms as a "box" room, storing everything in there to be unpacked at a later date after the renovations, but we realise now that probably was a mistake as we will now have to empty that room to lay the new floor coverings and have the built in wardrobe installed.....oh well !!!!!!
over the last few weeks the one constant has been my poor old aching feet, they have been  so sore, I am just getting too old for all this.
My daughter bought me a pair of the most beautiful soft blissfully comfortable gel socks, impregnated with lavender oil. They were my salvation, they felt like heaven.
Our coast home has now had settlement and we are  now fully entrenched here on the farm, there is much to do, but we have forever to do it, we are so happy to be finally here, and noe the beginning of the next stage of our life continues.
Until we meet again, and hopefully it will be sooner this time.
Take care,


  1. We just moved our 2 girls into a house, only 3.2 kms from their last unit - that was bad enough! I don't know how 2 single girls can accumulate so much stuff in 6 years! They have more than most married couples! Anyway, I feel your pain but you will be so happy on the farm, imagine the fruit and veggies you can grow to can and preserve!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

    1. Thanks Joolz, it was a huge move and we like your daughters had managed to have collected an insane amount of stuff in the 30 years we have lived on the coast.Our biggest problem was that we also had a house full of stuff at the farm ( albiet old things and hand me downs) that we had to get rid of first to make room for the coast stuff. We moved 340 klms . Hope you enjoy your visits with your girls in your own space.
      Cheers Jane :-) :-)

  2. Enjoy this new stage of your life. All the very best....visiting via Outback Tania

    1. Thankyou Alex, we are really looking forward to all the future has instore for us. Thanks for dropping by and always feel welcome to drop by.
      :-) :-)

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    1. Thanks so much Judy,
      Life is good !!!!
      All the best ,
      Jane. :-) :-)

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    1. Thanks Bootsue, it's been a long time getting to this point, but now the real work begins, we are loving it.

  5. Moving can be such a pain, can't it. But it sounds like you want to settle at the property.

    Say, would I be able to send you a copy of our permaculture magazine? If you're keen, please drop me a line at