Friday, 10 October 2014

Progress on the new laundry room and Pantry.

The new laundry room/meat room and pantry have never really been a high priority on Hubby's list, but as the time for us to make the big move to the farm gets closer, he has started to get in and get a bit more sorted for me. The photo below is the shed up the back how it used to look before we started lining the walls to begin to make a proper room. He and my brother got in one weekend and put a few sheets of  hardiflex up , I got all excited, and then work stalled as other things took precedence.
The next photograph shows my original laundry, a small room directly off the kitchen where I had a freezer,tubs,washing machine, shelving and two old cupboards where I used to keep my full canning jars( empties were squirreled away all over the place.)
So a few weeks ago  we  roamed through Bunnings and purchased some basic plumbing fittings that were needed and sorted out what we were able to recycle.
We decided on a location for the tub(closest point to the pressure pump and water supply as possible) and started work.
We then ran the hot and cold pipes outside on the back wall of the shed(freezing is not an issue in our location), we used the recycled copper piping from our old  replaced rooftop hot water service. They aren't particularly pretty but serve the purpose.
Next we brought it back through the wall and connected the pipes to the pressure pump( the pump is necessary as we  only have gravity feed water  pressure)

Next hubby fixed some brackets on the wall to install the tankless instant gas hot water system that will service the laundry and later the attached yet to be completed outdoor extra shower,basin and toilet, it's about 3/4 done)
The next step was to get some electrical cable fed through  for later electrical work to be completed,when we can organize an electrician friend to come and help. Then we put up a couple of lots of sheeting.
We have ran out of what sheeting we had so we will do another trip to the supplier and hopefully purchase enough to complete the room. My brother has offered to come back soon and help hubby complete it,but we just needed to get these other jobs done first.
Much to my delight at this point we now had running hot and cold water over the laundry tub and to hubby's delight minimal leaks and drips that he had to sort out.

We ran a cord to the machine and did a test  load of laundry and all works like a dream, so hopefully  the rest will soon be completed and I can show you all a final photo.
The second half of the project is also progressing extremely well too. The photo below shows my original small  laundry room off the kitchen, with an external door to the back verandah.
In the first stage we had removed my two old storage cupboards and erected two sets of steel shelving
and had  re organized my full canning jars onto these.
So, this week we decided it was time to remove the old wash tub from the laundry, this created a load of work as we had to unload one complete set of shelving to access the tub and pipes underneath it.
After the tub came out, What a mess,horrible filth and old colours.
We then cleaned up the mess and capped off the water pipes  and placed the empty shelves onto the back wall where the tub had been.
I quickly repacked all the jars onto the  empty shelves and hubby got busy erecting a third set of shelves to go in the empty space.
As soon as we put in a new back door in a different location, the external door from this pantry will be permanently closed and a fourth  set of shelves will go in also, mainly to be used for my large canners, and big pots and kitchen appliances. We will also have a large chest freezer in there.
We will fill most all of the room up with storage, but it will be a wonderful handy, practical walk in pantry.
The last two photographs show the pantry in two light, one with the external door open,just  so that I could take a  lighter photo, and the last with the door shut as it will be full time in the future,but with a light on. It also shows  it's location just off the kitchen.This is the darkest,coolest room in the house, especially in our hot summers, so is the best room for the canning jars to be stored.
I can hardly wait for it all to be completed and now at least it all seems to be getting closer.
So everyone,
Until we meet again,
 Please take care,

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