Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A mixed bag from the last three weeks.

This post is just a catch up of our crazy life over the last three weeks, a bit from the farm,a bit from here on the coast  and a bit from down south in  Wollongong.
The last few days at the farm, hubby decided that we really needed to clear up a bit up in the shed and as there was very limited storage and shelving, we decided to clear out one side and replace it with two sets of the  metal shelving that  had previously reserved to complete my pantry when the time came. We figured we could purchase more for that purpose later when they were needed.
We put all the  stuff out on the lawn while we erected the metal shelving.
It started to rain so we very quickly packed all the stuff onto the shelves and will sort it more when we are up next. The plan is to build a second  of shelves set further down the wall and put an existing bench that hubby has to place between them under the window.
After returning home to the coast, our lovely next door neighbours gave us another 

two big buckets of oranges to juice, so we got busy and canned that.I heat treated the juice for 5 minutes at 88 deg Celcius,filled and capped my bottles(they are 500 ml bottles) and placed into my water bath, covered with water, placed lid on, brought up to boiling and held at that temperature for 15 minutes.

We then headed to Wollongong, to await the birth of our third grandchild, that was to be born later that day. We are extremely proud to say we now have our first  totally gorgeous precious grandson.We were there to look after his big sister for the week that Mum was to be in hospital, freeing dad up to be with them both.
Unfortunately our little sweetheart had some major health issues and had to be transported  urgently by NETS to the NICU at Sydney Children's hospital and was there for two weeks before being transported back to Wollongong and now finally back home  with his family.
He is now doing wonderful and although needing  many follow up visits to specialists he is really good.We were really shocked at how quickly things can happen and how scary it can be.We are so very proud of how our daughter and son in law handled the situation.
While we held down the fort there hubby completed a few jobs and helped out where ever he could, he completed building a ping pong table that my son in law had started doing,
We did some gardening, clearing an area that  needed clearing, and scoring these two big clumps of clivia's that my daughter didn't want.(they will be lovely to plant up at the farm ) We also spent a fair bit of time sitting out on their  front deck admiring the view up the escarpment and listening to the ocean in the not too far away distance.
On one of our many trips up and down the highway to Sydney to see our precious little man we called in to the Bulli Pass cafe and  lookout to admire the stunning views over Wollongong and found some  friendly feathered  fellows as well.

Once our little man had been transferred back to Wollongong, we then returned back to our place and caught up on a few jobs  here as well.

Hubby got on with finishing  building  and painting his new bee box.
We  went and picked up a new  power inverter that we had ordered previously.
This 4000 watt inverter will replace our current 2400 watt inverter which we will now use to run our cool room and when that's not in use will be a good backup for us in case of lightning strike.The larger inverter will make a huge difference to us, it means we don't have to be quite so careful with the loads we place on the system.
We had been concerned that the  two big raised beds of potatoes we had planted may not produce  anything as they had not flowered(we had always been of the understanding that flowers were needed to produce a crop),but after  voicing  my concerns on my face book canning page, many people assured me that it was not always true)
So today we decided to do a test dig of just two plants.
Guess what we found .!!!

lot's of yummy  beautiful spuds.We will leave the rest for a few weeks yet, as they haven't died off properly yet and they were still small  potatoes forming on the roots of the plants.
Looks like we will get a wonderful crop when we  finally dig them, this was 2 of about 50 plants.
It has been a crazy ,chaotic ,exhausting few weeks and this post only skimmed across  a bit of it.
The only thing that is important is that our beautiful baby boy is going to be okay, everything else pales in comparison, he was certainly being looked after, and I can't give enough praise for  all  the hospitals that  he was treated at, and the brilliant staff, they are just marvelous.
So until we meet again,
Take care,
Life is  precious,
Jane. :-)  :-)

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