Monday, 11 August 2014

Birthday Celebrations.

What a huge week we have had. Starting to feel like we will meet ourselves coming back the other way.
 On Thursday  we drove down to Sydney airport and met our son from Perth  and brought him home. He then drove his vehicle back down to Sydney to leave it for some mechanical work and caught the train back arriving here about 10pm.
 The next  day we then drove back to Sydney via the car workshop where we left our son to pick his car up after the work had finished and continued on to Wollongong where we were later that day to meet up with all three of our kids to celebrate  the occasion of my husband turning 60 that week.
I gave Brian a beehive as a gift, but is was in kit form that he has to assemble.

We booked into a tourist  caravan/cabin  park right on the water front,about 50 metres tops from the water.  to be independent as our daughter is soon to give birth to our third grandchild, and we didn't want to be causing her too much extra work or worries.
It was so wonderful to sleep with the waves crashing in on the beach through the night and early next morning I sat out on the front deck to await the sunrise.

What a wonderful sight it was, so once it was up, I made a cuppa and sat back down to enjoy the scenery and within  minutes I had a host of colourful noisy feathered friends, the resident Rainbow Lorrikeets.

They were just so friendly and we fed them some multi grain bread and they just loved it. Our grand daughters arrived at about that time and also  just adored feeding the rainbow birds.
Our kids all put together and gave  hubby a brilliant new egg incubator for his birthday, something he has talked about getting for many years.,He was verry chuffed with it.
We all had a lovely celebration seafood  feast for his birthday and then came back to my daughters home to have   the  very tasty birthday cakes. She had organized a passiofruit sponge and a carrot cake for the occasion.

We headed north again yesterday  after a totally lovely family weekend, only for me and  our  son  to return to Sydney again today to take our son to the airport to fly out for a  holiday in the US.
He is so looking forward to seeing a huge part of the country, doing a total of 12,000 miles and touching about 42 states, some more than others.
We have had a beautiful, but hectic week, we thoroughly enjoyed our family's company and  had such pleasure watching  what  beautiful little people  our grand daughters are becoming.
Hopefully, life will be a little quiter over the next few days.
Take care until we meet again,

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